Portfolio Projects


  • Creative Team: Independant
  • Skills: Web / Marketing / Big Data / Web Metrics
  • Client: Saperecom
  • Project Included: Websites / Ads / Logo / Identity

Project Description:
The second company that I founded was name Saperecom and included a portfolio of small niche websites which related to one another in subtle but important ways. To build these websites, I used various Big Data web metrics to measure the attractiveness and relevancyof websites before I built them. This group of web sites that earned over $500K in ad revenue and over 25 million page impressions. There were no "get rich quick" schemes involved with this success. It took years of hard work, but along the way I learned a lot about search engine optimization and doing business on the web. Two of my favorite tools were Google Analytics and Wordtracker. By using these tools on a daily basis over several years, I learned to see trends within the data. I still have a great respect for the power of Big Data and it's value to businesses.

More Projects: